SHANGHAI TIANLONG HARDWARE CO.,LTD(英文版) jzz我要评断 看法箱(共0条)企业信用上海天隆五金有限公司|1、纤维板钉;</p>

<p>  2、干墙螺钉;</p>

<p>  3、瓦楞钉;</p>

<p>  4、英双线木螺钉;</p>

<p>  5、螺栓及螺母;</p>

<p>  6、D...上海天隆五金有限公司是由中国江南航天工业团体公司、中国五金成品进出口公司、苏州天隆紧固件有限公司和喷鼻港德隆五金公司组建的一家中外合伙企业,总投资500万美元。


  As a joint venture,owned the USD 5 million total investment,Shanghai Tianlong Hardware Co.,Ltd.was established and sponsored by China Jiangnan Spaceflight Industry Group Co.,China Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation,Suzhou Tianlong Fastenet Co.,Ltd.and Hongkong Tak Loon Company.

  Our company have advanced manufacture equipment,strongly management section and powerful technology.Company locates at Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade one at Pudong, Shanghai, China, which are enjoying advantageous geography environment and harbour.We are taking advantage of all kinds of favorable policy in Free Trade Zone,spreading all kinds of business activities such as Processing Trade with Imported Material,Transit trade and Bonded Warehouse.Meantime, we are also handling the products of sister corporation among the Tianlong Group.

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